November Us-Ward note

Are you a “make it happen” kind of gal?  That statement implies pursuit. Young ladies, if that boy hasn’t noticed you, you’re going to “make it happen” you are taught and have a desire to pursue him. As we get older, it is the successes and achievements we pursue. Mom’s, we feel the pressures to “make it happen” in our family lives day to day and week to week. Psalm 40:4 says ” Blessed is the man that maketh the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.” “Make it happen” or “Make the Lord his trust”? The word trust means to set ones hope and security on. Honestly, that is what we are all pursuing…hope and security! Bonus, Trusting in God comes with a promise! A promise of blessings, special favor, and a gift bringing happiness. What is holding you back from making the LORD your trust? This scriptures says it is pride and lies. Perhaps you feel like so many of us ladies and you are just crippled from low self-esteem. So, how can pride be a problem in our lives? Being a “make it happen” kind of gal could mean you desire self-sufficiency. Do you rely on your own will power, talents,or intelligence? This is the pride of self-reliance. Likewise, do you seek the approval of others? Maybe your moods and feelings fluctuate depending on the acceptance or rejection of others. That is a normal human reaction especially for ladies. However, these are all entrapments of pride in the heart and mind that cause destruction and dysfunction in your life. Then the lies…The big lies from our society that say you must look, act, achieve and possess to have true happiness. Psalm 40:4 says true happiness comes from knowing the truth of God’s Word, not commercials, magazines, movies, or books that are all created from human imagination. These lies ultimately created the relentless lies us ladies then begin to tell ourselves. The lies that we are not good enough, we are inadequate, and that we don’t measure up when compared to others. Living in these entrapments of pride and believing such lies literally blocks us from our ultimate pursuit of hope and security. You do not have to be a “make it happen” kind of gal! Instead, I challenge you to live out Psalm 40:4! Make the Lord your trust, receive His eternal security, love, hope and joy, plus all the other many blessings promised! In doing this, you will find that the destruction of pride and lies in your life begin to fade away because His Truth is more powerful!

2 thoughts on “November Us-Ward note

  1. I absolutely love this!!! It clears up so much for me! It’s so related to me and I’m shamed of it but thank you so much to show it in the Bible where I could see how wrong I was. You are a blessing to me personally!


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